About Me. I love coming up with creative solutions to clientís problems. Thereís nothing I love more than when a CEO comes to me and says, ďI have this problem area of my business that could be doing better. Can you brainstorm some solutions for me?Ē Whether it is a building that needs more tenants, a franchisor that needs more franchisees, or an event that needs to boost its attendance, I live for these moments. Iíve been in this business a long time and am proud of the fact that Iíve been able to help my clientís through good times as well as the bad.

My personal philosophy to life is you always have a choice, as to your moods, your thoughts and how you interact with others. My choice is to keep it positive, respectful, and fun. At this point, I have the luxury of choosing to work with people that are like minded. So, if you like your life, your job, and people in general, and if you like having fun doing your work and doing it well -- letís partner. I would love to work with you.